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Automatic Urine Analysis System RT-U600
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Automatic Urine Analysis System RT-U600Automatic Urine Analysis System RT-U600Automatic Urine Analysis System RT-U600

Automatic Urine Analysis System RT-U600

The world's smallest model provides solutions for microscopic inspection and dry chemistry test, which can save your experimental space and improve the detection efficiency of laboratory unit space.

Based on the patented AI DeepCell engine,Reetoo RT-U600 Automatic Urine analyzer  can get rid of the shackles of conventional image analysis and significantly increase the accuracy of urinary formed elements to more than 90%. The design of automatic dry biochemistry and sediment analysis all-in-one machine greatly improves the efficiency of urine detection in clinical laboratory and gets rid of the tedious , complicated manual operation and manual reading and interpretation.

Key features: 

• Fully automatic dry chemistry and sediment analysis system
• Flexibility for dry chemistry and sediment analysis
• AI-based DeepCell engine, accuracy >90% for sediment
• High-resolution imaging: 10X and 40X objective lens:auto-switch, auto-focusing and auto- scan
• Testing speed: dry chemistry analysis:120T/H, sediment analysis:100T/H
• Automatic inspection for urine color and turbidity
• No centrifugation, no staining, direct microscopy
• Patented disposable urine sediment inspection chip, cross- contamination free
• Priority test for emergency sample
• Barcode scanning for sample identification
• Thumbnail function for preview and image auto cutting classification
• Small and compact model (670x615x520mm, approx.74kgs)
• High integration and operability

Test items
  • Physical examination : Color, turbidity 
  • Dry chemistry: Occult blood(Bld), bilirubin(Bil), ketone body(Ket), glucose(Glu), protein(Pro), nitrite(Nit), leukocyte(Leu), pH, specific gravity(Sg), urobilinogen(Ubg), ascorbic acid(Asc), creatinine(Cre), calcium(Ca), microalbumin(Mca ), etc.
  • Formed elements analysis: Red blood cell, leucocyte, cast, crystal, epithelial cell, bacteria, etc.

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