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MINIPHOR 08 -  Electrophoresis automated system
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MiniPhor 08 is the smaller and automated electrophoresis analyzer on supported cellulose acetate.

Suitable for medium-small daily routines, it offers simple and immediate use.

The analyzer automatically processes up to 8 samples for each work cycle and is proposed, thanks to its simple and intuitive management software, as a valid analysis and reporting instrument.

The possibility of being interfaced in a local network for data exchange with a remote station allows the speeding up of the master data management of the samples and reports to be produced.

The use of an external PC with at least one USB port available for connection of the analyzer and installation of management software is required.

The management software supports Microsoft operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Supported tests: Serum proteins / Haemoglobins / Lipoproteins / Urinary Proteins

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