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Electrocardiograph AsCARD Green
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AsCARD Green electrocardiograph is a 1- and 3-channel ECG unit which enables to make electrocardiogram in full 12 leads. Intended for ECG examinations of adult and paediatric patients aimed at identification of cardiological abnormalities, myocardial ischaemia or infarction. The device is intended for use in healthcare facilities by duly trained personnel. ECG examination may be recorded in manual or automatic mode with the ability to perform the analysis and interpretation.

Electrocardiograph is based on advanced microprocessor technology. It is equipped with a thermal printer with high-resolution head and graphical LCD display. A hightech membrane keyboard makes the AsCARD Green device operation intuitive, and its menu navigation exceptionally easy. This light-weight, small-footprint and battery powered cause that device can be easily transported to any location. With plastic casing and foil covered keyboard, the device is neat and easy to clean.

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