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Vein Detector VD80
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Vein Detector VD80Vein Detector VD80Vein Detector VD80


Wide application in hospital different department include Plastic and cosmetic surgery, Laser Therapy, Injection section, Dialysis section, Clinical laboratory, Peripheral vascular section, Surgery, Cardiovascular department, Geriatric department, Universities, laboratories, etc.


Class and Certificate: 

Class I medical device   GMDN Code: 48040             UK MHRA Reference No.: CA016564

CE & USA FDA approved(FDA registration No. 3014626288, Owner/Operator Number: 10057782)

HS Code: 90182000


Product Hotspots:

Light, Flexible              Real-time accurate vein display

Multi-application           Wide adjustment of distance and direction



For different wave-length near-infrared, the absorption between blood hemoglobin and periphery tissue is different.

Through photoelectric conversion and image processing, to show the vein clearly by machine.


Windows system provide a stable prompt function performance

Fully digital image acquisition provides a high screen frame with excellent fluent continuity of image

Various color display mode provides vein’s identification effectively and image resolution, indicate vein’s depth.

Advanced optical structure design assures an excellent vein recognition rate and provides original position projection.

High quality patent products, anti-interference and reduce the radiation effectively, stable and safe.


Injection section, Lab blood collection room, Pediatrics, Micro plastic department, Peripheral vascular Department ex  laser therapy, sclerotherapy, Vascular surgery’s thrombosis observation, cerebral infarction patient ‘s scalp vein observation by neurologist, etc 

To help & support the observation of venous imaging.

For different people need to observe the vein, ex: Infants / Children / Obese patient / Burnt patient / Skin disease patient / Edema patient / Heart disease patient / Tumor and chemo therapy patient / Health assessment / Monitoring therapeutic

Clinical Application: Peripheral vascular lighting: transfusion room, blood collection room, testing room, etc.


Hand-held type / 37*26*13(cm)


Table-top / 51*34*14(cm)


5-wheel trolley / 60*51*29(cm)


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