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GOLEM 6ET- Γυναικολογική και ουρολογική καρέκλα θεραπείας
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GOLEM 6ET- Γυναικολογική και ουρολογική καρέκλα θεραπείας

All functions of the gynaecology chair GOLEM 6 TREATMENT series necessary for ambulatory care and, in addition to that, they allow for minor procedures. 

A high level of operator and patient safety is ensured by covering of all parts of the table with grey plastic casings.

The 600 mm wide operating surface is covered with seamless artificial leather in a colour of your choice; it is divided into a seat with an opening and a seat backrest with a head segment.  All electric drives are operated manually and the positions can be changed even if the table is fully loaded. Lengths of the segments: seat 400 mm, backrest 500 mm, head 400 mm, additional legs 500 mm.

All versions are always fully equipped:

EUROrails for the fastening of accessories around the seat and backrest, removable polyurethane Goepel leg supports or heel supports (depending on your request) with a jointed fixture, foot step with a non-slip finish, stainless bowl, removable hand rails for the patient, and a paper roll holder to be used for the whole surface, the backrest and the seat, or for the seat only.

All elements can be easily and comfortably adjusted and removed from the table, which means that the patient can also get on from the side. 

The weight of the table is 92 -106 kg depending on version; the carrying capacity is 150 kg.

The build-in dimensions of the table are approx. 800 x 1 400 mm.

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