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Υπερηχοτομογράφος ACUSON Redwood SIEMENS
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Υπερηχοτομογράφος ACUSON Redwood SIEMENS
Pushing the boundaries of imaging, performance and value
Managing the costs of treating the chronic diseases of a growing aging population requires an ultrasound system that delivers on all fronts.
* Greater efficiency by cutting exam times with AI-powered tools
* Accessibility that brings precision imaging that’s lightweight and can be brought to the patient’s bedside
* More value with efficient workflows to see more patients and reduce the number of additional tests

Imaging that inspires confidence

* Coherent Image Formation (CIF) for harmonic images
* Single-crystal piezoelectric transducers for more sensitivity
* UltraArt for greater sensitivity and quad display
* Reduce your Burden with Auto TEQ

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