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ACUSON Maple Ultrasound System
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Powered by acclaimed ACUSON technology, the ACUSON Maple Ultrasound System sets a new standard—making reliable, high-quality imaging attainable in demanding, fast-paced environments for every patient, every day. Best-in-class image quality for diagnostic confidence. Customizable productivity tools and powerful AI solutions to enhance usability and efficiency. Thoughtful design for intuitive operation. Small footprint and lightweight portability. It’s all here, ready to meet the demands of your facility so you can enhance workflows and help more patients.

Smart design, thoughtful engineering, sturdy construction, feature-packed usability, easy maneuverability, and portability. ACUSON Maple is the reliable ultrasound system that stands up to the rigors of daily usage and mobility.

Powerful imaging at your fingertips

With ACUSON Maple, you can be prepared for virtually every patient, regardless of physical characteristics or condition. Intuitive design minimizes the need for manual optimization with less interaction with the system. Yet, it still delivers high-quality images with excellent penetration and resolution on every patient. This simplifies usability and is particularly helpful for clinicians with less training, which can increase efficiency and patient throughput.

Advanced productivity is now at hand

Advanced features—including AI-powered tools1—empower clinicians to work more efficiently by reducing repetitive tasks and allowing for more consistency in manual operations such as measurements, annotations, and body markers. This can enhance workflow and productivity for a range of clinician training levels and abilities, and can improve patient throughput. All while delivering best‑in‑class image quality for a more confident diagnosis, especially in challenging examinations.

Designed for versatility

ACUSON Maple is designed and built to keep up with the demands of today’s clinical realities, with a compact footprint for maneuverability to fit into smaller exam areas.

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