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Pathromtin SL reagent for the aPTT determination
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Συσκευασία: 10 x 5 ml / 20 x 5ml
Code: OQGS29/ OQGS 35

Pathromtin® SL

Pathromtin® SL is an excellent reagent for monitoring heparin therapy because of its high sensitivity. Its excellent factor sensibility permits safe detection of clinical disorders of the intrinsic system. Pathromtin® SL is moderately sensitive to Lupus anticoagulants. Due to its great features and precision, Pathromtin® SL, fulfills all requirements of routine testing.

Main Features

• Liquid reagent ready for use

• High factor sensitivity

• High heparin sensitivity

Components: Vegetable phospholipids. Silicon dioxide activator

Reference range*:  26-36 seconds in optical measurement systems

Stability after opening (capped): 2 weeks (2-25ºC)

Indications              • Screening for functional factor defects (VIII, IX, XI, XII)

                                 • Monitoring of heparin therapy

                                 • Diagnosis of haemophilia

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