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Sysmex CA- 660 System
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Productivity: Up to 60 tests/hour
Dimensions: 56,6(w) x 49(h) x 49(d) cm
CA-660 – Complete profiles, robust and automated

The CA-660 is a compact, fully automated haemostasis analyser. It combines proven and successful characteristics – such as the optical detection technology and the reagent system of its predecessors – with new features. In addition to routine testing, it also offers specialty haemostasis testing such as D-dimer and von Willebrand Factor activity. It therefore provides a complete patient profile.

It serves as a great primary analyser for low-volume haemostasis laboratories. Or as a powerful backup instrument in larger labs. The CA-660 has been designed in line with our advanced Silent Design concept, is of solid construction, hard-wearing and robust. And with its reliable performance, it will support you day in, day out, for years to come.

Detection principles

  • clotting: scattered light detection method
  • chromogenics: colorimetric method
  • immunoassay: latex-enhanced turbidimetric method

No. of detector channels

  • clotting: 4 channels
  • chromogenics: 1 channel
  • immunoassay: 1 channel


  • clotting PT, APTT, Fbg, TT, Coagulation Factor Assays II, V, VII, VIII,
  • IX, X, XI, XII, Lupus Anticoagulant (screening and confi rmation),
  • Protein C, Batroxobin chromogenics AT III, Plasminogen, 2-antiplasmin, Protein C, Heparin immunoassay, D-dimer, vWF: Ag


  • max. 60 tests per hour

Test protocols

  • up to 14 programmable


  • 1 dedicated position

Sample volumes

  • min. 50 μL (PT, APTT, TT)
  • min. 10 μL (Fbg, AT-III)
  • min. 5 µL (factor assays)
  • min. 8 µL (Innovance D-dimer)

Auto-dilution function

  • for accurate measurement of abnormal fibrinogen or D-dimer levels

Reagent capacity

  • 13 positions (4 cooled and 3 dedicated to diluents, bu_ ers or cleaning reagents)

Quality control

  • xbar / L-J control: 6 files at 180 points, 14 parameters

Data storage

  • up to 600 samples / max. 3,000 tests


  • colour LCD touch screen (user interface)
  • built-in thermal printer, prints data and graphics
  • built-in barcode reader for samples and STAT
  • 2D hand-held barcode reader for reagents (ISI, lot#, expiry date), calibrators (assigned value, lot#, expiry date), controls (target/limit, lot#, expiry date), samples/STAT (for sample search) (optional)       
  • SNCS capability (dedicated LAN port)
  • LIS (serial)

Dimensions / weights main unit

  • 566(w) x 490(h) x 490(d) mm / approx. 42kgs

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