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ADVIA 120 Hematology System
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The Advia 120 Automated Hematology Analyzer is designed to meet real life user needs: comprehensive testing parameters, flexible sample handling, customer-designed user interface with multi-tasking, compact benchtop design. Extensive linearity range, sensitive and specific result flagging, cross-checking WBC technologies and dual hemoglobin readings combine to minimize review rates and repeats.

Veterinarians and animal researchers: This is a Gold Standard for animal hematology

The Advia 120 Automated Hematology Analyzer System from Siemens Diagnostics gets the job done and gets it right the first time, with a review rate far lower than competing systems. Results are more accurate, physicians are more confident and treatment is more effective. The ADVIA 120 Hematology System, for great performance, the one and only.

Peroxidase staining, the gold standard for differential testing. WBC identification, based on cytochemical light scatter and light absorption measurements.

Comprehensive parameters for anemia support disease management, shorten time to diagnosis. CHr assay delivers a snapshot assessment, contributes to optimization of EPO and iron therapy.

CSF Assay: Automated WBC, RBC, differential, PMN and MN results in less than 1 minute from aspiration.

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