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APEL Bilirubin Meter BR-5200P
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APEL Bilirubin Meter BR-5200P
Sample volume: 100ml
Measurement accuracy: ± 5%

Very quick measurement

Max. one second measurement time.

Built-in printer
Compact thermal printer is built in.

Compact & light weight

BR-5200P footprint is small and weighs only 1.7kg.

No lamp replacement

BR-5200P does not need a lamp replacement thanks to the LED light source.

Easy set of the sample tube

A sample gauge provided on the surface of BR-5200P, which indicates the proper sample volume to be inspected.

Only simple action is required to set the capillary tube into the holder.

Handles hemolysis and turbidity easily

The dual wavelength measuring method of BR-5200P eliminates interference of hemolysis and turbidity.

Computer connection        

BR-5200P has a USB interface for connection with computer.

Free of calibration hassle

Once BR-5200P is calibrated, no more daily calibration is required.


  • Turn on the switch on the rear panel.
  • Ready for measurement.
  • Insert a capillary tube (containing a sample) into the holder.
  • The value appears very quickly (within one second).
  • BR-5200P can be connected to PC via USB.
Method Dual Wavelength (461 and 577nm)
Measurement Range 0 - 30mg/dL(Total bilirubin)
Correcting hemolysis 0 - 250 m/dL
Measuring accuracy ±5 %
Sample Volume 50 - 60μL
Display 3 1/2 LCD display
Sample Container Hematocrit capillary tube
Light source High bright LED
Detector High sensitivite silicon photocell
Interface USB
Power 100-240VAC 50/60Hz AC adapter
Dimensions 262 (W) X 214 (D) X 109 (H) mm
Weight Around 1.7kg (main body)
Standard Accessories
Standard solution(ABY) 2 bottles
Capillary tube(Heparinized, Red) 1 vial(100pcs)
Capillary tube(Plain, Blue) 1 vial(100pcs)
Clay sealer(Wax Plate) 1 pc
USB Cable 1 pc
PC software(CD-ROM) 1 pc
AC/DC power code 1 pc
Operation manual 1 copy
Thermal paper roll 1 roll

*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

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