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DCA Vantage
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Productivity: 6'/test

DCA Vantage is one of the fully automated chemical analyzers. It is often the most workable choice to acquire results for hemoglobin A1c and microalbumin/creatinine tests in minutes.

This analyzer is useful to make immediate diabetes management adjustments, and thus protect the patients from the risks of retinopathy, neuropathy, and nephropathy. With this device, you can calculate low concentrations of albumin, creatinine and albumin/creatinine ratio in urine.

 DCA Vantage, better known for its accuracy and easy procedures, can produce the quantitative HbA1c value in 6 minutes. The features specific to DCA Vantage are self-contained reagent cartridges (that means no reagent preparation, mixing, or handling), no costly, time-consuming calibration, sample collection capillary holder, screen displays (which provides full testing information, instructions, and calibration status), and adjust blood glucose control regimen.

For achieving outstanding accuracy and precision, monoclonal antibody method is utilized. It has the ability to store 16 test results in memory for convenient retrieval of data.

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