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EX-D/Ds electrolyte analyzers
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Sample volume: 95μl
Data Storage: 500 patients

Blood/Hemo -Dialysis Solution Measuring System
Fully Automated Electrolyte Analyzer EX-D (with auto-sampler) / EX-Ds (single model without auto-sampler)


♦Measurement parameters: Na+, K+, Cl-
♦Measurement sample: Whole blood, Plasma, Serum, Diluted Urine, Hemo-Dialysis solution A (Acid concentrates), Solution B(Bicarbonate), Solution A+B Balanced, 
♦Measurement speed: 300 tests/hour (EX-D) & 100 tests/hour (EX-Ds)
♦Very accurate result of  C.V. less than 0.5%.
♦Low and economic running cost.
♦Easy maintenance. Only 2 steps for daily maintenance.
♦High sensitive electrodes allow calibration once a day.
♦20 samples at a time and STAT sample at any time.
♦Single model EX-Ds (without auto-sampler) is also available.
♦Bar code reader is option

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